About Babojoy

We are a group of dedicated game enthusiasts and educators at Teachers College, Columbia University. Through our professional research, we have found that children's games have a significant effect on children's intellectual development.

In the Teachers College café, we came up with the idea to create an educational game site for kids that they can play while they learn. All games on this site are licensed from game developers and carefully selected and reviewed by our educational team. We carefully select each game with a professional educational approach to ensure that each game is absolutely safe for children and appropriate for their education.

There are multiple benefits to playing educational games. Kids can have a lot of fun and help them grow their skills. We review each game based on its educational value. Parents can be confident that their children will play and learn from each game.

Bubbles represent the many colors of childhood fun, and we built babojoy in New York City with the idea of "colorful fun." Our team has played and hand-selected the highly valuable educational games on this site, and we are proud of it.

We believe that every game is suitable for children from 2-13 years old. We hope you enjoy the site and learn by playing the games our editors have selected using the "colorful and happy" philosophy.

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100% Safe for Children ❤️

Is every game age-appropriate and safe for my child? 🤔

This is a question that many parents struggle with. ⛑ To address this issue, we built BaboJoy® and have made a real effort to protect your child. 💪

Our 👨‍🎨 team of game experts has handpicked games that are fun and safe for kids 😃 . To help you choose wisely, our editors played each game and wrote a detailed review.

We guarantee that BaboJoy® is 100% safe 👍 for children to play. 🦄

🤩 Hello! Mobile, Desktop and Tablet

All games are free and can be played anywhere, anytime. You can play BaboJoy® games on all cell phones, tablets and desktops with any browser.

There is no need to install apps. Click and have fun!